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Slideshow background image Pro 7 News powered by Shark 3D
Pro 7 News
Slideshow background image Live virtual production VR streaming from Procopio Law Firm in Palo Alto powered by Shark 3D
Live virtual production VR streaming, Procopio, Palo Alto
Slideshow background image Virtual studio productions of a N24 magazine powered by Shark 3D
Virtual studio productions of magazines
Slideshow background image Disney Junior powered by Shark 3D
Disney Junior
Slideshow background image Election results animated by Shark 3D
Presenting live data
Slideshow background image TV game shows using interactivity features of Shark 3D
Interactive formats using video game features
Slideshow background image Sat.1 evening show powered by Shark 3D
Quality and reliability for live streaming and broadcasting
Slideshow background image Cartoon character integrated into a virtual studion production powered by Shark 3D
Creativity and interactivity
Slideshow background image A variety of different streaming and broadcasting formats powered by Shark 3D
Variety of formats powered by Shark 3D

Shark 3D for streaming and broadcasting

The Shark 3D software solution powers the production of high quality on-air graphics, virtual studio, virtual reality and interactive web formats.

Shark 3D provides graphics quality and interactivity known from high-end gaming, virtual reality and mixed reality.

Produce classical live video streams or immersive stereoscopic 360° virtual reality live streams for VR cardboards and VR headsets.

Shark 3D has proven its stability and flexibility in a large number of demanding live streaming and broadcasting productions.

Shark 3D for virtual production of live virtual reality streams

Use classical film production equipment to create immersive stereoscopic 360° virtual reality live streams and movies for VR cardboards and VR headsets.

This Video shows a short version of a spontaneousely produced webinar, which was created at the afk tv studio in Munich.

Virtual studio production powered by Shark 3D

This collection of small samples of virtual studio productions show a range of rendering techniques provided by Shark 3D.

Live data visualization powered by Shark 3D

Based on a variety of animation techniques, Shark 3D allows you to present live data from various data sources in varied and diversified ways.

New ways of interactivity by Shark 3D

Different streaming and broadcasting formats use a variety of interaction techniques including Kinect, object tracking, various controllers, connected to databases or fed by live data. The video above is a sample of controlling virtual files via Kinect.

Shark 3D software working together smoothly with various hardware

Have a quick look behind the scenes of a virtual production.

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