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Slideshow background image Samples of virtual production technologies powered by Shark 3D
Entirely virtual movie production
Slideshow background image 78 VR videos for the Bavarian Government
78 VR videos for the Bavarian Government
Slideshow background image High quality virtual actors with behavior like in video games powered by Shark 3D
Virtual actors with personality like in video games
Slideshow background image EFA masterclass with Marc Weigert powered by Shark 3D
© Franca Wohlt/EFA
Powering the EFA Master Class with Marc Weigert
Slideshow background image Live virtual production of VR for a festival in Nürnberg
Live virtual production of VR for a festival in Nürnberg
Slideshow background image On-set virtual production with final quality powered by Shark 3D
On-set: Virtual furniture, virtual backlot
Slideshow background image Virtual vehicles
Controlling the actions in the virtual world live
Slideshow background image Sample of an animated series episode with Shark 3D, created like playing a game
Rapid production of daily animated series
Slideshow background image A sample action previsualization scene directed in Shark 3D
Previsualization: Live experi­men­tation with action scenes
Slideshow background image Shark 3D workshop at the FMX tradeshow
Live demonstration of Shark 3D at FMX
Slideshow background image Track editor for real-time recording, replay with on-the-fly re-simulation and track editing in Shark 3D
Real-time recording and timeline editing
Slideshow background image Creating stereoscopic 360 degree virtual reality movies and live streams.
Stereoscopic virtual reality movie production at afk tv
Slideshow background image Science fiction spaceship scene using real-time physics simulation combined with recording and replay in Shark 3D
Replay with live re-simulation of physical interactions

Shark 3D for Films, Series, Animation and Previz

The Shark 3D software solution boosts your creativity and productivity in your movie, TV series, and previz productions:

Use living interactive simulated virtual 3D worlds – as well known from video games, virtual reality and mixed reality – to play, experiment and film in virtual sets and with virtual actors interactively.

We provide you the technical services and solutions to make your vision reality.

Shark 3D for entirely virtual movie production

Produce your movie, TV series, previsualization, virtual reality and mixed reality experience, and stereoscopic 360° VR movie in living interactive simulated virtual 3D worlds – as well known from video games – with virtual actors, objects, lighting and environment.

Record action of characters, objects and cameras into new tracks, while replaying other tracks with on-the-fly live re-simulation at the same time, in real-time, slow motion or time lapse. At any time you can edit, cut, and blend your tracks hierarchically. Render the whole sequence out in any frame rate, resolution and quality.

Shark 3D for rapid previsualization

Characters, vehicles and cameras can be controlled in various ways, recorded, replayed, and edited in multiple iterations in real-time with on-the-fly re-simulation.

The video is a shortened version of the official video on the EFA Master Class with producer and visual effects supervisor Marc Weigert.

Shark 3D for on-set

High quality virtual furniture and backlots: The actors in this video are real and moving in front of a green screen. The king is sitting on a green box. The church including the throne and the balustrade are virtual. The camera operator sees the final composition in real-time.

Shark 3D for animated series production

Rapid and efficient creative production powered by Shark 3D:

Create daily episodes of your animated TV series, animated soap or animated web series as fast as playing a video game. Shark 3D reduces production costs and time to a mere fraction.

This video is a sample for an short animated movie created with Shark 3D.

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